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Statements right when you need them

Easily view your mobile money statement on your smart phone. Abacus builds PDF ledger reports right on your phone in a matter of seconds. Once built either view your statement on your smart phone or email it to an email account of your choice.

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A perfect fit

When transacting every shiling counts, Abacus search means you can find a transaction from 6 months ago in seconds, perfect for reconciliation if you notice irregular activity on your account. Abacus allows you to search through all the transactions on your phone by name of sender or name of recepient, date, transaction code or amount.

Numbers dont lie

Abacus does all the work of adding up all your transactions and displaying them in an easy to digest manner. Abacus' time feature gives you the total amounts you transacted per month.

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Business with mobile money

Abacus allows you to see all the past transactions you have had with a person or business, and gives you a total of how much you have sent and received from them.

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